What’s the best yogurt?

I am often asked by patients: “What’s the best____________?” Whether it is yogurt or vegetables or exercise there is this notion that there is one that is ‘best of all’. There really is no such thing apart from the person doing the questioning. Everything is relative. A more accurate way to phrase the question would be: “What is the best yogurt for me, right now?” i.e. under my particular current circumstances. Different strains of yogurt bacteria have different health effects, and, these effects vary from person to person, and with different health states.

As to yogurt, start with organic, then choose those that are either plain or those not sweetened with white sugar (organic white sugar is still white sugar – not good) then choose full or low fat. As to the brands, go to the link given below for an explanation of what some of the known health effects are of the various bacteria. Use the the chart given to choose the best yogurt for you, for now.

All good medicine,