Preventing Food Allergies

There have been several recent articles in the lay press about eliminating peanut allergies in children using probiotics with peanut protein. This is very good news for many parents.

For those of us in the natural health care field we welcome the studies and look forward to additional refinement of the therapy. The bacteria in our guts are critical for all aspects of our health. This is not new knowledge. It is quite ancient; it was quite forgotten and dismissed for decades; and it is now enjoying the attentions of the monied research community. At last….

More research is needed. For instance, it is not known which contributed more to the elimination of the allergy – the probiotic or the dosing with peanut protein? (They were given together).  Based on observation, one might surmise that the probiotic had at least a large role to play. Afterall, many children who have no peanut allergy are fine with eating peanut butter without early dosing with peanut protein. It would be interesting to see the state of their gut bacteria compared to the gut bacteria of  children who are highly sensitive to peanuts.

Grannies and mothers from our not so distant past always stressed the importance of babies being breastfed, drinking and eating cultured dairy products, and later, cultured vegetable products as a means to have healthy children. These were all sources of good bacteria for the gut. Mothers were also traditionally encouraged to regularly consume foods high in beneficial bacteria during pregnancy as these bacteria are passed on to the child.

Even if all that is done,  gut bacteria can be easily disrupted by the administration of antibiotics to the child. The presence of thrush or a yeast infection is a sign that gut bacteria are not in proper balance. In fact, the ancient healers often are quoted as saying that all disease begins in the gut. This does not mean that illness be left untreated in children. It does mean that researchers should do more to show the effectiveness of non-antibiotic therapies to treat infection in pregnant women and young children.

For 35 years we at Westside have prescribed sipping sauer kraut juice for the treatment of a host of diseases associated with poor gut bacteria balance. Happily, there is  now a company that now sells JARS!!!! of kraut juice. The product is called Gut Shot and we highly recommend it in addition to your other fermented food products.

Food allergies have been increasing and are far too common. Most food allergies are preventable and reversible. Starting with the gut is a good place to start.

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