Music and Memory

Social changes of the past one hundred years have led  many of us to having much less fun than our predecessors. Too often, we allow ‘the professionals’ to do the singing, dancing, and painting for us. This is not natural. As children we are free to engage in dance, song, and art without inhibition, and these activities are critical to the proper development of our minds and bodies. They are also potent preservers of the health of our minds and bodies as we age.

There has been a general loss of age-inclusive community activities such as  weekly dances, long chats,  singing around the fire, community meals, etc. These community meals, dances, and singalongs often followed community work such as bringing in the harvest, barn raisings, quilting bees, canning bees, etc.

Restoring  modern versions of communal arts  can be invaluable in preserving physical and mental health.

If you have a family member with Alzheimer’s I recommend the following amazing film for helping those who seem locked away and non-communicative:

Alive Inside by Dan Cohen – a film about patients and using music from their youth to wake and engage those thought to be totally lost to Alzheimers.

Also, I highly recommend visiting this site:

Talk to people who are involved in this chorus and hear their remarkable stories. Music is medicine, especially for those with Alzheimers and dementia.


All good medicine,