3 Step Weight Loss

“By the way I’ve lost 12 pounds!” – The loss of excessive weight is one of the most common comments I hear from patients who are coming in for other problems. I do not ‘treat’ obesity. I am not a weight loss clinic. I help patients overcome various acute and chronic health conditions – one of the results of regaining good general health is a natural return to a healthy weight.

So what is it about our program for regaining health that stimulates the body to return to its ideal weight? Although every patient is unique, there are three general actions (that are recommended for most all patients) that generally result in weight loss. They are:

1. Fun

2. Decrease inFlammation

3. Fasting

FUN – it is always important that one be actively engaged in at least one activity that provides great joy. Doing something you really love focuses your mind and metabolism in a positive direction. Focusing on ‘health’ or ‘dieting’ is not usually considered a fun thing to do and I do not recommend it. Focus instead on an activity that is food for your soul. People who do this get well faster, stay well, and lose weight, to boot.

Step I – begin doing something that you love but have been putting off because you were too  ‘busy’  to do. It could be a hobby, a new job, or something else.

INFLAMMATION – most acute and chronic illnesses are caused or aggravated by inflammation in the body. Inflammation also tends to cause the body to retain water and fat. By reducing those things that cause inflammation, the illness is ameliorated or reversed and one loses weight, to boot.

Step II – begin COMPLETELY removing inflammatory foods, etc. These would commonly include:

  • tomato, bell pepper, potato, eggplant (native S.American Indians are OK to eat these)
  • White sugar, white flour, white vinegar
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee, chocolate
  • Red meat, eggs (OK for some)
  • Cow milk, butter, cheese ( low fat, yogurt, kefir, and hard cheeses OK for some)
  • Nut butters
  • Gluten (just fine for some)
  • Environmental toxins
  • Emotional stress

FAST – every other day eat 1/4-1/2 of what you would normally eat – this is a fast day. Drink a lot more water, teas, broths, kombucha, lemon water, etc. on fast days. Eat as much as you wish on regular eating days. Be sure that each organ system is receiving what it needs, especially the liver and thyroid. Do not snack, drink fluids instead. People who regularly fast get sick less often, recover from illness more quickly, are more mentally/physically balanced, and are more likely to stay at their ideal weight, to boot.

Weight should start to come off within days of instituting these changes. Once you have reached an acceptable weight, continue the program for another six weeks before reintroducing the avoided foods. Some of the above should never be reintroduced  ( the ‘whites’ and toxins). During the program, be sure to increase your intake of dark leafy greens, a greater variety of vegetables, whole foods, protein 3x per day (fish, poultry, beans, eggs/red meat?, nuts), whole grains (brown/wild rice, millet, qinoa, etc.), fermented vegetables (kraut), and fresh/dry herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil, etc.).

If the above does not do the trick, or if you experience any sort of untoward symptoms, please see your health care provider for greater guidance.

If you have the health handbook The 12 Elixirs, you may find additional information there:

  • Appendix: sections D,I,L,M (Cleansing, Food, Organ Maintenance, Stress)
  • Part III (Health habits)
  • Part I, chapters 5,6,7 (Adaptation, Environment, The Mind)

(If you would like to purchase a handbook – go to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or contact the clinic, 952-935-9360.)

Have Fun!   Decrease InFlammation!  Fast!

All good medicine,



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