Sunshine and your Heart

Researchers have discovered that optimizing vitamin D status in the body actually helps congestive heart failure patients. A recent study* published this April in the  Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed improved heart function in CHF patients following one year of vitamin D3 supplementation.

Vitamin D is made by our bodies when our skin is exposed to sunlight. The average human loves sunshine and yet many of us spend most of our time indoors. Even when we do venture out we often cover all exposed skin with sun block.  This has resulted in a dramatic increase in vitamin D3 deficiency associated illnesses.

Exposure to natural outdoor light is crucial for good health. We evolved in a sunlit world. Out bodies do best when regularly dosed with sunshine. People who spend the most time outdoors have the lowest rates of skin cancer. Skin cancer rates are highest among those who spend most of their time indoors with a history of sunburn when they do venture out.

Increase your outdoor time gradually. Start with five minutes of bright sun per day for a week. Increase to ten minutes per day. Then ten minutes twice a day. Eat a good organic whole foods diet. If you are an ‘easy burner’, see your health care provider and have your B vitamin status checked. Improving nutrition can eliminate the tendency to burn instead of tan. Wear hats and clothing to block excess sun exposure.

Sunshine is good for our hearts in more ways than one.


All good medicine,





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